This page shows a collection of the shots I’ve had in the press/magazines etc:

29th April 2011: Longleat Website

The Tiger image has been used on the website at Longleat with some more information about the tigers themselves.  Click for a larger view (that you can actually read).

28th April 2011: The Times


This was a shot from a day out at Longleat.  It’s nice to see it in a national paper!


2nd February 2011: Bournemouth Daily Echo

2nd Feb 2011 - Bournemouth Echo

This shot was taken from my office window the day before it appeared in the paper.  I’m lucky to live near the top of a hill and my office window faces to the East, so if there’s a beautiful sunrise to be had I generally try to capture it.  To be honest, the print doesn’t really do it justice!

February 2011 – Wimborne Life (Front Cover)

I think I may have had other pictures in this publication, but the main (background) picture on the front cover is one of mine from February last year.

23rd November 2010 – Bournemouth Daily Echo


The Echo Flickr group has a lot of superb images in, and each month a selection of the best are picked and appear in the paper to promote voting.  I didn’t win this month, but the Swanage Pier at the top is mine.

17th August 2010 – Bournemouth Daily Echo

Another Echo Flickr group voting page – this time I managed to get 2 images in the shortlist.  The top right Wheat Field is mine – shot at Beech Hill in Hampshire, and the Ferret at the bottom was on display at the Damerham Show in the New Forest.

28th May 2010 – Bournemouth Daily Echo

Back in May I managed to win the monthly Flickr group competition, and also come 2nd as well :)  This was the winning shot – a Pheasant being “flamboyant” as I drove through the New Forest on the way to work.

11th February 2010 – Bournemouth Advertiser

While shopping with the family, when we returned to the car there was a magical display of Starlings flying over the roof of Asda in Poole.  As usual, I had my camera with me so I caught a few shots and a video (you can see the video here) which appeared on the Echo website, and both the Echo and Advertiser papers.  My picture is the lower of the two above.

5th February 2010 – Bournemouth Daily Echo



See above for the details of this, but the two pictures on the right are mine.

Autum 2009 – Bicton Park Botanical Gardens Newsletter

My most famous photo to date – the Swan and Cygnets.  Shot at Bicton Gardens, it appeared on the front of (and inside) their newsletter for Autumn/Winter 2009.

5th August 2009 – Bournemouth Daily Echo

4th August 2009 – Metro

4th August2009 – Daily Mail

This shot really did get everywhere!  It started me taking the photography a lot more seriously, creating my original website, selling numerous prints and went a long way towards funding my 5D mark 2 and 24-70L that I purchased the day these pictures appeared in the paper (coincidentally, but it did convince me it was the right thing to do!).

4th August 2009 – Daily Express